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 Kyiv is not only the most beautiful city in Ukraine, it is also its business and cultural center.
Many city buildings considered as historic monuments. Kiev beauty admired many famous artists, poets and writers. Among the most notable buildings - Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. It has brought several ancient monasteries and temples. Impress Sophia Cathedral, Golden Gates, St. Andrew's Church, St. Vladimir's Cathedral. Saint Sophia Cathedral is famous for the unique 19 th century frescoes. Golden Gate - is a fragment of an ancient medieval city wall. St. Andrew's Church - a beautiful instance of the Ukrainian baroque. Vladimir Cathedral - a magnificent temple of the 19 th century. It is from here began the baptism of Rus. Kiev - just one of ancient cities. It was founded in 5 th century and became a city in the 9 th century. Kiev - one of the most beautiful and greenest cities in the world. In Kiev many theaters, museums, art galleries, exhibition centers. Cultural life are rich and interesting. The city is an educational and scientific center of the country. There are many scientific academies and universities. There is the famous Kiev-Mohyla Academy and the National Shevchenko`s University in Kiev.
 Each year the capital of Ukraine attracts about 600 thousand people among them - 30 percent - are foreigners. Traditional accommodation options - in a hotel room - but many now prefer such as renting an apartment - or rather, daily rent.

 Kyiv changes every year: expanding far, high and wide, to keep up with the ever-developing European world but always will remain a beautiful city and a good place to live for quite a long time - so come and see for yourself!